Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Love this it's a Joan Elliot chart,the fabric is from Sew-It-All I cant remember the name but it looks like cloudy blue sky, really enjoyed stitching this piece except for all the backstitch!!!


I did find one pic love the fabric it's white opalescent 18ct Aida which I got from Sew-it-all.


My current piece something different for me......called Lunar Harvest by Danelle Marie Classics it's on 14 ct hand dyed Aida I've forgotten where I got it from but so far it's looking.......I made quite a few Christmas Cards and silly me forgot to take pics of them.

I'M BACK !!!

Oh dear I didn't realize I've been neglecting my blog,I have to go and help clean a friends unit,should be finished by lunch-time come home have something to eat,then I have to visit a sick friend,hopefully when I do eventually get home I can find some pics and start updating this blog.....ok go to go back later today.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I was doing this as a card but I feel it's too big so I'm going to do the others on 18ct aida white opalescent just waiting for the order to come!!!!.There's quite a few different charts for Christmas Cards, I'll do this one again on the smaller fabric as well,will make this into an ornament.


Well it's the end of a busy week for me,I'm just home from spending the morning helping out at the Wedding Expo in Newcastle with The Westpac Rescue Support Group.Tomorrow back at Vinnies, I just checked out my facebook and surprise there's a pic of my youngest son,now Dean always shies away from the camera so good on my daughter-in-law for getting the snap.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The last few days had been so cold, I'm going out for lunch today with a friend, we meet once a month for lunch and a catch up, we are both volunteers for the same charity but it's nice to meet up and just chat about everyday life. I've put my Vision of Hope away for the moment as I want to make Christmas cards for friends. When I've finished this first one I'll post a pic.